Dear Parents, you will pass your Child (your Precious Treasure) to our preschool care, hence we do not want to convince you only with paper words. You are heartily welcome to meet us in the preschool. With pleasure, we will answer all yours questions as well as we will explain, what Pedagogy of Maria Montessori means to us.


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Our Preschools

ul. Inflancka 4c
Gdański Business Center
00-189, Warszawa
T: 517 903 007
E: inflancka@houseofmontessori.pl

ul. Franciszka Klimczaka 1
Royal Wilanów
02-797, Warszawa-Wilanów
T: 797 043 023
E: klimczaka@houseofmontessori.pl

ul. Konstruktorska 11
Adgar Business Centre
02-673, Warszawa
T: 797 043 023
E: konstruktorska@alamakota.edu.pl

Al. Jerozolimskie 181C
Adgar Park West
02-222, Warszawa
T: 517 902 904
E: jerozolimskie@alamakota.edu.pl